Vern on ‘Tree of Life’

Leave it to Vern to write my favorite review of Malick’s Tree of Life.

It reminded me what it felt like to be young, what the world looked like. It seriously made me remember weird things from my childhood that I had forgotten for decades. And it just snuck up on me in a way a movie never really has before. Let’s keep this on the down low, but to be frankly honest the fuckin thing made me cry like a bitch. Not even anything specific either, it was a sad part of the movie but it wasn’t just that, it was an overwhelming backlog of emotions just pouring out. And at the end it gets a little VALHALLA RISING and I honestly couldn’t tell you what literally is going on there. But that didn’t push me away, it pulled me into an even more primal state of vulnerable bitchitude. The boy is chasing the young version of his brother, he’s an adult embracing the young version of his father (who he’s now probly older than)… I’m thinking about how you can never return to things you once had, when things seemed so simple. I’m thinking about getting old and about comparing myself to my father and about the people we have in our lives that are no longer there, the stages of life that end and never come back… it’s potent shit.

God I wish I could write this powerfully.

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3 Responses to Vern on ‘Tree of Life’

  1. Mat Jacobson says:

    Well, you cut and paste very powerfully!

  2. I didn’t care much for O.V.’s review. I like your writing better than this particular piece of his. So there.

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