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Seize the Ausländer!

By now you’ve probably seen the footage of the crowd at the Republican debate last night booing Stephen Hill, a gay solider who asked about DADT. Well don’t worry, because Althouse has it all figured out and, surprise, surprise, she … Continue reading

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The Sky(lab) is Falling

This Stephen Colbert piece on the falling satellite reminded me of this classic bit from John Belushi. Never caught the reference to the World Trade Center before, which is kind of creepy in its prescience. From 1979.

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LA is Safe, Aint Gonna Quake

The Week has an addictive app called the Bad Opinion Generator. Click it and get a colossally wrong opinion. Click it again and get another. And on and on. After about ten, begin to feel smart and right. Ignore those … Continue reading

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Foodscapes by Carl Warner

Australian artist and photographer Carl Warner (Carl Warner) creates landscapes from food, which he calls, yes, Foodscapes.

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Pyongyang Rock City

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Didn’t You Notice the Resemblance?

Awesome Robo has a, well, awesome collection of hand-painted movie posters from Ghana, many of which are vastly more interesting than the movies they promote. Here are a few favorites; the rest are here. [Props=B3ta]

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They’re All in a Line

Robert Krulwich at NPR has a piece on Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli, who has excellent organizational skills. More here. And you should see what he does with alphabet soup. Photos: Ursus Wehrli

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