Don’t Count Rick Perry Out Just Yet . . .

. . . after all, he’s got Candy Rapper and Double K in his corner.

My favorite part, other than rhyming “campaigning” with “camplaining,” is when they point to a picture of George W. Bush while rapping about Rick Perry. Probably not a message the Perry campaign (or is it camplain?) is pushing.

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2 Responses to Don’t Count Rick Perry Out Just Yet . . .

  1. These two seem a great argument for continuing to cut funding for education. They were obviously home-schooled, because all of the home-schooled children I know are equally talented dancers, singers, and lyricists.
    Do you think they also learned in home school gov’t class who pays to maintain that pretty li’l statehouse?

  2. “Give a straight man an erection?” Is that good or bad? I think the GOP is very sexually confused. All this same-sex marriage is fucking with dey heads.

    The one woman (Candy Rapper?) obviously is very talented at lying on phallic objects, but I’ve seen better.

    So many thoughts, so little desire to give a shit about this.

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