Decency Doesn’t Sell Here

Charles Pierce at The Politics Blog at Esquire:

It is not possible to run for president as a Republican these days without at some level having to become a parody of yourself. Running within a radicalized, self-contained universe with its own private, physical laws and its own private history, with its own vocabulary and syntax that has to be learned from scratch almost daily, requires an ongoing manic re-invention that can do nothing but make the candidate look ridiculous to people outside that universe.

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2 Responses to Decency Doesn’t Sell Here

  1. xxx says:

    That’s a fancy way of saying that you have to pander to the crazies if you want to be a Republican. I can’t agree with logic like that.

  2. kamper says:

    Actually, Pierce’s entire piece is essentially a demonstration of that exact notion. Both Romney and Perry are running away from the only decent things they did as governor: Romney on the health care bill and Perry on in-state tuition for the children of illegals.

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