Did SNL Steal a Sketch from The Ruckus?

Writer and comedian Brian Adams does a side by side comparison of The Ruckus’ “Forget Me Not,” which has been performed live in Boston seven times since May 2011, with “My Dying Wish,” which was performed on the SNL Season Premiere on September 24th, 2011. The Ruckus is one of the in-house sketch troupes at ImprovBoston.

Here are the whole sketches:
Forget Me Not
My Dying Wish

In SNL’s defense, it’s remarkably easy for two writers to come up with very similar ideas almost simultaneously. That being said, the evidence here is pretty damning that the two share some DNA.

UPDATE: Over at the Comic’s Comic, Sean McCarthy takes the view that the “Last Request” premise is way too prevalent to say this is any kind of theft, and he offers a bunch of variations on this same basic sketch. In particular, he posts a sketch from Chicago Sketch Fest 2003 with the same setting, premise, and structure, and even some of the same jokes.

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2 Responses to Did SNL Steal a Sketch from The Ruckus?

  1. I wrote that sketch from 2003. The NYC based sketch group YOUR MOM had been performing it since 2002. Good times. It is funny (peculiar) that all the war sketches have 4 people though. Kinda sad that the SNL version degenerated into a “Yo Mama” gag. I was more pissed when SNL did a sexbot sketch with Matt Damon within several months of us doing our at the UCB in NY. http://www.youtube.com/robotlou#p/search/1/Le35yITLF0A oh man did we write’em long!

  2. kamper says:

    King Lou, thanks for stopping by to illuminate. That’s a funny sketch.

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