Want to Consume a Franchise This Weekend?

Here’s Dave Hollis, Disney’s head of distribution, talking about the success of the studio’s rerelease of The Lion King:

The studio has not yet decided how long or how widely the film would play theatrically after the Blu-ray release, Hollis said.

“Consumers I think will be happy to consume it in multiple ways for this kind of franchise, as they have for the last 17 years,” Hollis said.

There’s that Disney magic again! This is why we consumers always look forward to consuming their franchises in multiple ways! I hope some of this spirit rubs off on the Pixar team.

On a related front, I’ve decided that Steven Soderbergh is the last person in Hollywood who knows how to make a coherent goddamn movie, which is to say that Contagion rocked. Still haven’t seen Che. Is it worth seeing?

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3 Responses to Want to Consume a Franchise This Weekend?

  1. crisi-tunity says:

    I went to The Lion King in the theater last weekend. (Didn’t bother with 3D, though.) I had a wonderful time and I’d do it again. I just wish Disney wasn’t cackling over my $9 like this.

    • kamper says:

      Thanks for your comment, CT, glad you like it. I like Lion King too, I just thought this was an especially tone deaf way for a spokesperson to be speaking about moviegoers: “Oh yeah, we’ll soak ’em all over again on Blu-Ray! (mad cackle).”

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