How’s Your 9/11 Hangover?

Here’s what could politely be termed a contrary view on the tragedy as a palliative to yesterday’s wall-to-wall-to-floor-to-ceiling media coverage. The speaker is a guy named Dusty, whom you can find at Cult of Dusty.

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4 Responses to How’s Your 9/11 Hangover?

  1. pt dismal says:

    wow, how does he keep this up for 7 minutes? i made it to 2:44. i do like “you’re so stupid you should be mentally aborted.” right on, dusty.

    sorry, kamper, but i’ve got to bust out the egghead grammarian on ya: “who you can find…” whom is used with prepositions, when the pronoun is the direct object (to whom, for whom, etc.).


  2. kamper says:

    I know, right? He yells the WHOLE TIME! He’s ALWAYS YELLING! Stop with the yelling already!

    As for your grammar lesson, I’m not into rules, man. I edit from the gut, and ‘whom’ just feels right. By the way, it’s ‘you,’ not ‘ya.’

  3. I liked Dusty a lot more than I thought I would and I agreed with him some. He could have pared it down a bit, very repetitive. Maybe he thinks yelling gets a point across better and the fucks and fuck yous, too. He should take a lesson in whispering.

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