May All Your Weather Forecasts be For Profit

Ginandtacos gives a good and thorough fisking to two Koch-funded tools who argue that the only thing that will solve this persnickety “fiscal crisis” is that we abolish the National Weather Service. I’m sure everyone here on the post-Irene East Coast will greet that proposal with a hearty Huzzah!

Well, as long as they don’t cut the budget for prayer, I guess we’re safe, right? I mean, remember back in April when Rick Perry held a huge prayer meeting to prompt the Indifferent Sky Man to please make it rain on us poor, suffering humans? How did that work out?

Five months later Texas is drier, hotter and on fire. This is definitive proof that either:

(a) God hates Rick Perry;
(b) God belongs to some other faith and praying to Jesus just pisses Him, Her, It or Them off;
(c ) the climate in Texas has nothing to do with religion and instead depends on preventable human behavior and has followed a predictable trajectory since Svante Arrhenius first described the greenhouse phenomenon in 1896;
(d) in his New Testament big J explicitly points out that his Dad does not dish out favors while you are still alive, but rather you have to wait until you die (plus various whatnot in Revelations) to find out what He thinks of you, and that if you really need something right now then basement cat might take your request; or
(e) all of the above.

In related apocalyptic news, Texas is slashing its budget for firefighters even as the state turns into Texas Toast. Welcome to our nation’s long, slow suicide.

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