Portal: No Escape

Great short film from Dan Trachtenberg based on Portal. A year in the making, it debuted last month at San Diego’s Comic-Con. Trachtenberg is one of the hosts of The Totally Rad Show, available here.

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3 Responses to Portal: No Escape

  1. Anonymous says:

    so, after days in her cell she realizes there is a secret compartment with a fireball-blasting portal gun in it? did her captors not think that storing that in her cell might not be the best idea?


  2. kamper says:

    Yeah, that bit made no sense to me either. It’s like, “Hmm, there’s something strange about that brick. I wonder if there’s a big plasma gun behind it.” I have to assume it makes sense if you’ve played the game. Anyone?

  3. pt dismal says:

    oh, it’s a game…..whatever.

    i also like that the blaster has this elaborate handguard over the trigger and handle but the grip for the other hand is completely exposed and closer to the fireball. but it looks cool!

    oh yeah, the hot babe in a tank-top was a good choice.


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