. . . ake!

I was sitting at my desk when the terror struck! The time? Just before two, Eastern Standard! Suddenly, it happened! The floor beneath my feet began to sway gently, so that at first I thought that either a caster had come off my office chair or I was having some sort of disorienting dizzy spell. But it was NEITHER! It was, in fact, an EARTHQUAKE!!!

As an earthquake veteran (that’s right, I survived the Great Cleveland Quake of 1986 — what are the odds?!), I knew just what to do: update Facebook! Then my 15-year-old daughter came into my office! I knew I had to console her!

Me: We just had an earthquake!
Daughter: Can I watch Dollhouse on Instant?
Me: Did you feel that? We just had an earthquake!
Daughter: So can I?

As usual, XKCD got there first.

Update: Buzzfeed has 20 inspiring pictures of the quake’s terrifying aftermath!

Update 2: More shocking photos of the carnage here.

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  1. pt dismal says:

    funny post, kamper. you east coasters are so easily shaken…..


  2. kamper says:

    Yeah? You West Coasters should try living through a ragin’ Noreaster that drops three feet of snow in 12 hours. That might ruffle your patchouli-scented man-sandals.

  3. Did you see this one?

    And aren’t you going a bit too far when you make light of “man-sandals?” Didn’t you see Chuck Heston wearing them in that Moses flick? THEY ARE TOTALLY MACHO!

  4. Oops. I see that the photo I linked to is already up there with the photos you linked to. How romantic.

  5. pt dismal says:

    dude, complete chaos breaks out when it rains for 5 minutes here. when that happens, i bust out my former-midwestener street cred. bring on the noreaster!

    thanks for defending the “man-sandals,” twink. i really thought the kamper would go for my man-purse, in which i keep my patchoulie.


  6. kamper says:

    And your European satchel too.

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