You Don’t Have Style Unless You Have Stasi Style

Check out these archive photos of East German secret police spies sporting various hilarious disguises. Funny thing is, no matter the disguise, they look like East German secret police.

From David Arnott at MSNBC (via Reuters):

Spies from former communist East Germany demonstrate the art of disguise by donning fur wigs, fake mustaches and dark glasses in a Berlin exhibition of recently uncovered and once highly classified photographs.

German artist Simon Menner, who put together the exhibition “Pictures from the Secret Stasi Archives,” said it should show how something that seems harmless, such as these images that could be shots from a spy film spoof, can harbor danger.

“These were used during courses on how to dress up and blend into society,” the 33 year-old artist said. “They seem pretty absurd now, but it was meant seriously — this is evil stuff.”

These disguises are almost too awesome for words. The dude in the sandals looks like he writes for Pitchfork, drinks PBR, and lives in a third floor walk-up in Williamsburg. The guy in the leather jacket has a serious Tom Waits vibe going on, and the photographer guy looks like Chuck Barris (or more accurately, Sam Rockwell playing Chuck Barris). As for the guy on the bottom, well, he obviously can rock just about any look, from Dapper Authoritarian to Austin Powers to Our Russian Cousin Just in from Kiev.

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One Response to You Don’t Have Style Unless You Have Stasi Style

  1. crisi-tunity says:

    The guy on the bottom reminds me of Miss Piggy’s portfolio in The Great Muppet Caper – she ascribes all these qualities to herself as she flips the pages but they’re the exact same pose, just different dresses, still obviously Miss Piggy.

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