Best of Gay Scandal Limericks

Gawker had a limerick contest to commemorate the latest gay-hating Republican congressman caught in a gay scandal. I know, shocked, shocked and all that. It didn’t end well for the opposite-married Congressman when the kid sensed a creep and bolted. For the purposes of the following limericks, the only details you really need to know are that the Congressman’s name is Hinkle, while his potential rent boy’s name is the eminently rhymable Kameryn.

Hinkle did not want to bore ’em
While trolling the Craig’s List forum
So he wrote an ad
Confessing he had
An urge to writhe in santorum.
– Joey Michaels

There was a young twinkie named Kameryn
Whose rear truly needed a hammerin’
But when Hinkle did show
He was like, “Gotta go!”
And dashed before Hinkle could ram him.
– Thatcornellguy

Many more limericks here.

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