When Your Friend Have Excavator

This is how they swim in Hungary, bitches. These clips go out to all the namby-pamby, helicopter parents out there who are always trying to harsh our buzz with “safety concerns” when we want to do something totally fun and awesome that also carries a very high risk of death or dismemberment. Not sure which will kill you first, the Claw of Death or the green water.

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4 Responses to When Your Friend Have Excavator

  1. pt dismal says:

    tomorrow, we get milosz with crane and drop kids from 50 meters. best cannonball wins sack of potatoes.

  2. it’s the speedos…those speedos will kill them first!

  3. kamper says:

    You are wrong, Western lady. Speedo give life, glorious, bulging life.

  4. then, clearly, they serve as buoyant, bulging floatation devices too!

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