Who Called It?*

Just yesterday I asked the question of when Sarah “the Grift Who Keeps on Giving” Palin, faced with the unacceptable level of attention being lavished on that usurper Michele Bachmann, would make an announcement to bring the lamestream media’s focus back where it rightfully belongs: on herself.

Lo and behold, today she announced that her ‘Aint Quit Yet’ bus tour is back on again. The tour begins, coincidentally enough, at the Iowa State Fair, where those salt of the earth types can listen to Lady Word Salad deliver some nonsensical twaddle about Ronald Reagan while gorging themselves on this year’s hottest food fad: fried butter on a stick. And it looks like the bus tour comes just in time, since now there’s one more Palin mouth to feed (six months ahead of schedule). Good Lord but that abstinence education does produce a glorious bounty!

* Yes, I realize that predicting that the Palin Clan will engage in media whoring hardly makes me Nostradamus. My other predictions include: Lady Gaga will don something unwieldy and Republicans will behave like sociopaths.

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3 Responses to Who Called It?*

  1. Great post, video creepy. She on da pipe.

  2. Mat says:

    Um, if I remember correctly you’re the same guy who predicted Cloverfield was gonna be good.

  3. kamper says:

    Oh yeah? Who’s the one who picked Uncle Boonmee? And Paranormal Experience?

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