Peace through Strength

Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has created a time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions that took place between 1945 and 1998, beginning with the Manhattan Project’s “Trinity” test near Los Alamos and concluding with Pakistan’s nuclear tests in May of 1998. This leaves out North Korea’s two alleged nuclear tests in this past decade (the legitimacy of both of which is not 100% clear).

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3 Responses to Peace through Strength

  1. crisi-tunity says:

    Um. America, f*ck yeah? I guess?

    Did we really need to do that many? I’m surprised I don’t have three hands and a tail.

  2. kamper says:

    It’s simple. We had to contaminate a vast swath of our country with ‘Mercun radiation to prevent a vast swath of our country being contaminated with Russky radiation.

  3. “I weep and I mourn and I move slowly on,
    I’m a poor mourning pilgrim” The Sacred Harp #417

    This is my home and these are my people and this is where I bore my children. Tumors in the earth. Fucking awful and fucking sad. I think we can simply beat our breasts. Am I wrong to feel hopeless in the face of governments such as ours?

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