Watching the Jack and Jill Trailer

Looks like the kids are having some fun with the trailer for the latest atrocious Adam Sandler comedy, Jack and Jill. Let’s call it the “X watching the Jack and Jill Trailer” meme. I’m sure ole Adam is crying in his champagne-filled swimming pool that no one takes him seriously as an actor slash comedian.

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One Response to Watching the Jack and Jill Trailer

  1. hemp says:

    Without some of the better actors from the first film Richard Dreyfuss Ving Rhames Elisabeth Shue Christopher Lloyd Adam Scott and even Jerry OConnell in other words the entire top-billed cast this sequel seems like little more than the reflex action of the sequel-happy Dimension Films. .Posted on Thursday November 12th 2009 by ……Columbia Pictures has released the teaser trailer for the new Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups. Wrong..Homo Erectus is directed by Adam Rifkin and stars Adam Rifkin Ali Larter David Carradine Talia Shire Hayes MacArthur Gary Busey Tom Arnold Giuseppe Anddrews Miles Dougal Ron Jeremy and Carol Alt..Check out the trailer below . youtube azYFAxG21jA youtube ……

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