I hope you spent your Fourth of July . . .

. . . ostentatiously calling attention to your patriotism and labeling everyone who disagrees with you politically traitors and socialists, just like these folks.

“The notion that conservatives have appropriated notions of American patriotism is questionable,” reacted the Washington Times. “A stronger case can be made that the left abandoned patriotism sometime in the 1960s and never came back to it… Conservatives did not ‘appropriate’ American patriotism; they saw it in the gutter where the left had tossed it, picked it up with reverent hands, and set it standing again.” We marvel the Times did not add that conservatives also brushed off the seat of patriotism’s pants and gave it a few bucks for a cup of coffee.

Which is ridiculous, because since when did right wingers ever help anyone in the gutter? (Unless your definition of ‘helping’ includes yelling, “Get a job, parasite” as you pass by on your way to your job at the pump-and-dump boiler room.)

On a related theme, TBogg has the latest on A Very Special Dennis Prager Independence Day Liberty Liturgy And Ostentatious Display Of Patriotism. It’s a new way to celebrate the 4th of July that is sure to drain every last bit of fun out of your picnic.

Here’s a bit of the ceremony, which is based on Passover:

Host invites the young people (generally ages seven and older) present to read and to answer the following:

Young Readers: Q: Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July?

A: Because the Fourth of July is the birthday of the American people — the day we chose to become the United States of America, a free nation.

Q: Why was America different from all other countries?

A: Because in 1776, all countries were based on nationality, religion, ethnicity, or geography. But America was created on the basis of a set of ideas. This is still true today.

Q: What are those ideas?

A: Three ideas summarize what America is all about. They are engraved on every American coin. They are “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and “E Pluribus Unum.”

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