Courage, New Hampshire. It’s Just Down the Road from Gay Marriage, Massachusetts

Good news, fellow patriots! A couple of rich Tea Partiers have grown tired of the liberal Left Coast elitist fare offered up by the lame-stream media and formed their own production company to create a series of horribly written, awkwardly acted, and minimally plotted historical dramas to show people what life was like in these here United States before they even were the United States.

Here’s the trailer for the first episode:

Question: after two minutes thirteen seconds, shouldn’t I have at least some faint idea of what the fuck this show is about?

Let’s go to the press release.

The first episode of Courage is subtitled “The Travail of Sarah Pine” and stars Alexandra Oliver as a colonial woman who accuses a British soldier of the crime of “bastardy.”

Oh, of course. Bastardy. Because that one lady was talking and then there were those guys walking in the snow and then that musket went off so, um, okay. Bastardy. Because America needs to return to a time of freedom, when we were ruled by the British and people were forced to marry at gunpoint.

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2 Responses to Courage, New Hampshire. It’s Just Down the Road from Gay Marriage, Massachusetts

  1. Was Sarah Pine the young-ish one with the baby? Thank God that God worked in a not-so-mysterious way on her mascara. So realistic. Like I was THERE!

  2. I also like that some of the actors are “raging leftists” and that politics weren’t welcome on the set. So there might be a place for me to get my chops and get “discovered.” Where do I audition for the next episode?

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