It Could Be Available as an Elective

Juxtaposition of the day.

First up is Darryl Cunningham’s great comic book graphic novel drawn panel thingy in which he explains evolutionary theory in plain, easy to understand language and images. Keep it on hand for the next time someone says, “Okay Mister Smart Guy, riddle me this: if humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Huh? Huh?” (pokes chest).

Contrast that with the video below, in which this year’s crop of Miss USA contestants answer the question of whether or not evolution should be taught in schools. The short and entertaining version of these answers is here, but I watched the whole thing so you don’t have to. Here is my tally:

Should evolution be taught in schools?
Unqualified Yes: 16
Qualified Yes: 12
Teach “both sides”: 19
No: 2 (Miss Alabama & Miss Kentucky)
Don’t know: 2 (Miss Indiana & Miss Virginia)

Small victories: This year’s winner, Miss California Alyssa Campanella gave an unqualified yes on the evolution question and described herself as a “huge science geek.”

For many of the “both sides” answers, it’s not always clear if the contestant meant to say that evolution should be taught in school and creationism can be taught in the home or church. Many of the answers are of the “Oh I think everything should be taught in school” variety.

Greatest quotes:
Miss Georgia: We’re smarter than ever these days so, I mean, why not teach everything and let people make their own decisions?
Miss Idaho: Evolution should be mentioned in school.
Miss Iowa: I took evolution in college.
Miss Kentucky: I honestly don’t think we can have too much knowledge on any subject, that’s my personal view, but I do feel that evolution shouldn’t be taught in schools.
Miss Maryland: [Evolution] is a great theory, it’s something that has helped us evolve as people.
Miss Nevada: Nevada is a good example of that [evolution].

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