“It has a long way to go before it can even be called simplistic.”

Christopher Hitchens on David Mamet’s new book, The Secret Knowledge, about how he (Mamet) used to be all liberal and pussy-whipped but now that he gets all his ideas from right wing talk radio he’s all, like, iconoclastic and shit and you paternalistic old school liberals probably can’t handle his Truth. Also: fuck.

By now, perhaps, you will not be surprised to know that Mamet regards global warming as a false alarm, and demands to be told “by what magical process” bumper stickers can “save whales, and free Tibet.” This again is not uncharacteristic of his pointlessly aggressive style: who on earth maintains that they can? If I were as prone to sloganizing as Mamet, I’d keep clear of bumper-sticker comparisons altogether.

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