Clarence Thomas’ Weiner

Ha ha, his name is Weiner and then there’s that picture of a wiener that someone Tweeted and ha ha it’s a ‘hard’ problem to solve and maybe this is just the ‘tip’ of a ‘bigger’ problem what with him being a distinguished ‘member’ of Congress and everything.

But what does Clarence Thomas have to do with all this, you ask? Well, take a guess what Anthony Weiner was tweeting about on the day that the wiener photo went out?

. . . on Friday, May 27, just before the Memorial Day weekend, Clarence Thomas released his 2010 financial disclosure forms, and Anthony Weiner was standing by, ready to pore over them and broadcast what they revealed across all media, including… Twitter.

Weiner has been relentless in tracking down the conflicts of interest raised by Ginni Thomas’s political consulting work at her Tea Party group, Liberty Central, as well as the nearly $700,000 she earned from 2003 through 2009 from the Heritage Foundation, none of which Clarence Thomas disclosed until he was pressed by, you guessed it, Anthony Weiner.

Is anyone talking about that now? Does Anthony Weiner have a bully pulpit to talk about that now?

In other words, this is a classic ratfucking.

Over at Balloon Juice, Allan Brauer has a long but absolutely essential post that goes through the entire sordid history of the Clarence Thomas affair and how his wienergate carried with it the mutant DNA of our current wienergate.

Go read it now.

By the way, here are the top results for “Anthony Weiner” in Google once one eliminates all the wienergate stories:
Anthony Weiner Rips Apart Republicans on the 9/11 Health Bill
Rep. Anthony Weiner rips Megyn Kelly over her defense of Clarence Thomas
Anthony Weiner Kills With Bachmann, Aqua Buddha Jokes At Congressional Correspondents Dinner

Like I said, ratfucked with his own wiener.

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