V4L (Virgin 4 Life)

Dan Savage has an epic, epic, EPIC SL Letter of the Day today from a young man seeking advice on losing his virginity. It includes the following two sentences:

I have an incredibly poor history with women. I am almost 22 and have not had intercourse (there was some oral about 4 years ago).

The girls I get involved with either end up friend zoning me, I find them completely disinteresting, or something incredibly weird and awkward happens (the last girl undressed herself for me after knowing me for five days. I didn’t sleep with her because I was turned off by this sluttish behavior).

I think we found your problem right there.

So after dissing a woman who was only too eager to take his moldering cherry, the lad goes on (and on [and on]) about his perfect woman ‘Stella’ and his need to rescue her from her ‘arrogant’ boyfriend, Stanley. Sounds like this young feller doesn’t want to be a member of a club that would have someone like him as a member. And not to pile on (the comment thread is already nearing 200), but any 22-year-old who calls shoes ‘footwear’ has got issues.

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One Response to V4L (Virgin 4 Life)

  1. What is “friend zoning?”
    I think he sounds both confused and like a bit of a dick and I couldn’t finish the letter.
    Maybe he needs to volunteer to help people who are starving and homeless.
    The opening to Annie Hall is brilliant.

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