John Lithgow reading that insane Gingrich press release

Stephen Colbert had John Lithgow on to read that gonzo press release put out by the Gingrich campaign the other day. It went like this.

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3 Responses to John Lithgow reading that insane Gingrich press release

  1. I was shopping at the Whole Foods in Hadley several years ago and I saw John Lithgow in the dairy aisle. Our eyes locked and I realized he was beautiful. His face as serene and amazing as his vocal control. As he was waiting in the check-out line, I noticed his beautiful Ralph Lauren leather jacket (yes, I got close enough to read the label) (and I can’t even imagine where to put any commas in that clause, so I’ve left them out completely).
    His father used to teach drama at Amherst College, I believe. At the time of my celebrity-spotting, I think the senior Mr. Lithgow must have been ailing.
    When I exited the store, I realized that I was parked next to John Lithgow’s father’s car. Dad was sitting in the car reading a newspaper while his son shopped (presumably for him).
    Not long after, I read that the senior Mr. Lithgow had died. Because real estate transactions are one of the things I keep up with in our free weekly newspaper, I soon noticed that his condominium had been sold. It seems I would never see John Lithgow in the Whole Foods here again. But I dig his acting prowess. He never breaks character in this little stint. Fabulous.

  2. kamper says:

    Apparently you’ve forgotten about Raising Cain.

  3. We saw this together in the theater. I only remember the part at the end where Lithgow shows up in drag. Oops! Should I have given a spoiler alert?

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