Crazy Like a Fox

From Ed at ginandtacos:

I am not an unbiased observer, obviously, and I watch Fox the same way most people watch circuses or episodes of Two and a Half Men. Despite these handicaps I am confident that the following is a valid conclusion: anyone who watches this channel for multiple hours daily would be categorically insane after a few months. Everything about public opinion and the Tea Party and oddities of the American electorate make perfect sense after watching this for an hour or two. If this was your only source of news, you would become one of them. Your relationship with reality would be tenuous at best, and more likely nonexistent.

Any exposure I have to Fox News invariably leaves me stunned, indignant, and sad. Though, in fairness, I think that constant exposure to any 24 hour news makes one crazy.

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One Response to Crazy Like a Fox

  1. crisi-tunity says:

    I agree with his conclusion and yours.

    My father used to watch Headline News all weekend long. Hour after hour, every half-hour the same recycling news. I have no idea what he thought he was gaining from this, but I frigging hated it and it’s part of why I never visit him…because in recent years he’s moved on to watching Fox News all day, every day, now that he’s retired. His Facebook updates indeed betray “categorically insane.”

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