Cry me a river (of sweet, sweet crude)

Let’s all cry a sad little tear over the poor*, misunderstood Koch brothers. Over at Salon, Glenn Greenwald dissects the deluded self-pity of the Koch brothers. I take particular delight in Glenn’s thorough dismantling of the idea that Obama is somehow “hostile to business.”

The political power of America’s richest has never been greater, and the level of their responsibility and collective burden has never been less. Meanwhile, for ordinary Americans, the remaining remnants of their financial security and middle class comforts rapidly erodes. It’s true that the U.S. Government has little regard for the free market: they intervene constantly in the free market on behalf of the nation’s wealthiest and most powerful business interests; it’s crony capitalism, corporatism: government run by corporations (or, as Dick Durbin said of the Congress in which he serves: “the banks own the place”).

* in spirit, not, like “poor” poor.

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  1. Kamper,
    Your new layout turns me on.
    SWAK, twinkly

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