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So, um, did you like the movie?

An excerpt from Pajiba’s review of Zach Snyder’s Sucker Punch: It’s as if Snyder spent a weekend dropping acid and playing every video game he could find, and developed a series of hallucination-based short films. Then, he came up with … Continue reading

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Pakistani actress shuts down cleric

Shame and repression are the same the world over. Here, Pakistani actress Veena Malik holds her own against a Muslim cleric excoriating her for supposedly shaming Pakistan with her appearance on India’s Big Brother clone, Bigg Boss. I love this … Continue reading

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Cry me a river (of sweet, sweet crude)

Let’s all cry a sad little tear over the poor*, misunderstood Koch brothers. Over at Salon, Glenn Greenwald dissects the deluded self-pity of the Koch brothers. I take particular delight in Glenn’s thorough dismantling of the idea that Obama is … Continue reading

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More campaign ads like this, please

Ian Murphy is running as the Green Party candidate in NY-26, which has been vacated by Republican Chris “Shirtless Joe” Lee. Ian Murphy is the editor of the Beast. [Props=Balloon Juice]

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