In which Dilbert’s Scott Adams ensures he will never get laid again

Here’s one more reason to continue my life-long pledge of always avoiding anything to do with the comic strip Dilbert. Scott Adams, creator of the high-larious comic, recently wrote and then deleted a blog post that included this bit of misogynist wisdom:

The reality is that women are treated differently by society for exactly the same reason that children and the mentally handicapped are treated differently. It’s just easier this way for everyone. You don’t argue with a four-year old about why he shouldn’t eat candy for dinner. You don’t punch a mentally handicapped guy even if he punches you first. And you don’t argue when a women tells you she’s only making 80 cents to your dollar. It’s the path of least resistance. You save your energy for more important battles.

How many times do we men suppress our natural instincts for sex and aggression just to get something better in the long run? It’s called a strategy. Sometimes you sacrifice a pawn to nail the queen. If you’re still crying about your pawn when you’re having your way with the queen, there’s something wrong with you and it isn’t men’s rights.

UPDATE: At another point in the essay, Adams writes:

You might add to this list the entire area of manners. We take for granted that men should hold doors for women, and women should be served first in restaurants. Can you even imagine that situation in reverse?

First of all, yes. It’s called the history of Western Civilization. Second (and to echo Jezebel commenter Princess Leela), I have never understood the fixation with ‘door holding’ as some sort of catch-all indictment of Society’s Double Standards Toward Men. What year is this guy living in? You hold the door for people behind you without making a big deal about it. If you don’t want to do it, don’t. No one cares, Scott.

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8 Responses to In which Dilbert’s Scott Adams ensures he will never get laid again

  1. Uh oh. This is really bad. His response is even worse than the original post. I am shocked. What a dick.

    I went to his website and he is owner (or co-owner) of a restaurant in California. I wonder how the female employees are feeling.

  2. aka says:

    I’m a woman, and I hold doors for men and other women all the time, especially if they have their hands full or there is a child involved. At restaurants, anymore, waitstaff serve the handiest person at the table first, depending on who’s plate they happen to grab first, not by sex.
    “[W]e men suppress our natural instincts for sex and aggression…” Mr. Adams, that is called civilization. You are not going to get a standing ovation from me for being civilized (unless you were raised by feral dogs). There are times I want to punch certain people in the face, but I suppress that. It’s not just a “man-thing.” So la-dee-da. I don’t use my “suppression” as a reason to pat myself on the back. And I don’t use my “suppression” as an excuse to compare other adults and their legitimate concerns as childish.

  3. Joey Tenboots says:

    I always wondered what happened to that guy.

  4. spirilis says:

    He is a genius. His summation was flawless.” You save your energy for more important battles.”

  5. feckless says:

    I don’t like the whole “nail the queen” thing at all.

    But women don’t hold open doors. They don’t even glance to see if someone is behind them.

    I had a friend of mine tell me exasperatedly ” I want equal pay, that doesn’t mean I want to be the same socially”. i.e. I want all the benefits of traditional patriarchal society, but I want to be equal before the law and commerce, when it benefits me.

    On a personal level, I agree with author Tim Robbins, to paraphase: Men don’t oppress women, whites do not oppress blacks, straights do not oppress gays, what oppresses people is their inability to see that they are actors in the movie of their life, much less to be the director.

    Lucy Ledbetter was oppressed. The african americans who got subprime mortgages when they could have got fixed rate are oppressed. Gay people who can’t visit loved ones in the hospital are oppressed.

    But individuals using victimhood to shut down all discussion has helped lead our society towards intellectual nihilism, i.e. – Sarah Palin.

    • MCH says:

      “But women don’t hold open doors. They don’t even glance to see if someone is behind them.”

      Not true. Women and men alike hold doors open for me and anyone else who’s behind them. Scott Adams is living in a different century than the rest of us.

      Too bad. DILBERT was a funny strip.

  6. krissy says:

    Dilbert represents whats wrong with the corporate world. Dilbert will die at his desk from a heart attack. Dilbert didn’t want to join the union. Dilberts a hack and will probably never get laid again.

  7. Lonnie Starr says:

    What? Can’t use hypothetical metaphors anymore because they draw in things that can be seen as true? “Nail the Queen”, means “capture the queen”, not take the Queen to bed! All this about holding doors, is just a metaphor for a much more lengthy, and no doubt boring detailed enumeration of other salient facts. So, he’s to be castigated for trying to paint a picture, using artistry to get a point across, because it contains things that can and (obviously) will be misconstrued?

    Right, force everyone to talk about every subject in long, carefully drawn missives that nobody will, therefore, ever bother to read. Good way to keep people thinking about societies flaws for correction, eh?

    Or… How about this: If you think the author has said something, you find objectionable, why not write the author instead of publicly castigating him/her for something they only presented as a hypothetical metaphor, to get an otherwise complex idea across, without using so many words? I mean, otherwise, everyone should fear to ever speak.

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