Working for the Meltdown

TBogg has compiled a comprehensive playlist for your nuclear family.

But I managed to come up with a few more:
Atmosphere – Joy Division
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud – Julian Cope
My Nation Underground – Julian Cope
Tokyo Storm Warning – Elvis Costello
Waiting for the End of the World – Elvis Costello
Do the Collapse – Guided by Voices
Everybody Thinks I’m a Raincloud (When I’m Not Looking) – Guided by Voices
30 Seconds Over Tokyo – Pere Ubu
Fallout – The Police
I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement – Ramones
Both Ends Burning – Roxy Music
Letter from Hiro – The Vapors
The World’s a Mess, It’s in my Kiss – X
I’m Coming Over – X

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5 Responses to Working for the Meltdown

  1. pt dismal says:

    hey, the louvin bros’ “atomic power” is not on either list. wtf? not even uncle tupelo’s cover of it.

    yes, it is really about dropping the bomb, but it is at least about actual (ok, the fear of actual) nuclear destruction, unlike most of these songs, which are loosely related because they mention wind or clouds or something.


  2. “The Dust” Robyn Hitchcock

    Tiny specks of dust are falling through the atmosphere
    Sunlight passes through them, they don’t easily appear
    Some fall on the water, some fall on the land
    Some of them will fall on you if you hold out your hand

    “Father, oh, and mother, How is there such great alarm?
    If you cannot see them, then, how can they do you harm?”
    “They can make you suffer, they can make you change
    They are over Norway and quite soon we’ll be in range.”

    All our teeth are falling out like leaves upon the ground
    All our hair is falling out, no other can be found
    Some are dying slowly, some are dying fast
    Some of us hold on to life as long as we can last

    Poison and invisible, it falls all round the world
    Fifteen hundred roentgens for every boy and girl
    We just read the papers, we just watch TV
    Passive as the cattle we await our destiny

  3. pt dismal says:

    nice one, twinkly. that’s what we’re all waiting for here on the left coast.

  4. pt, California is a den of sin.

  5. pt dismal says:

    true dat. which is why the cloud of destruction will rain down upon us.


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