Won’t someone think of the children?!

People are different.

For example, I look at the video below, which Ann Althouse shot in the Wisconsin Capitol the other day, and I see a cute scene of some parents or teachers having fun with some little kids by leading them in mock chants as though they’re part of the protests that filled the dome a few days before. Get it? It’s cute because they’re little children, they have no opinions on collective bargaining or state budgetary priorities. You know what they have opinions of? Juice boxes. Pokémon. The fascism inherent in enforced nap time. Those kinds of things.

Ann Althouse, fierce iconoclast that she is, looks at the same video and sees exploited children. She sees adults derelict in their duties, indoctrinating children and teaching them to “denounce legitimate authority.”

And what does Fox News see? The easily shocked Megyn Kelly of Fox News sees nothing less than the second coming of the Hitler Youth.

Like I said, people are different.

Now I can understand the concern, but one thing we need to keep in mind her is how incredibly difficult it can be to inculcate children to the right way of thinking. In my own case, for instance, I have tried to instill some basic beliefs into my own daughters’ impressionable young minds, namely:
1. that I am the winner of the ‘funniest father award’ now and forever, no take-backs;
2. that the original 1959 Journey to the Center of the Earth is an awesome movie, filled with non-stop action and mind-blowing special effects, not to mention indelible characters (Gertrude the duck? come on!);
3. that Public Image Ltd. is an actual real band that gets paid money to sing songs like that; and
4. that kimchi is a delicious and nutritious side dish for almost any meal.

Sadly, none of these seem to have taken.

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