Nuclear power explained, wingnut style

Roy Edroso rounds up the wingnut response to that pile of fire that used to be a nuclear power plant, which could be summarized as follows:
1. Obama sux.
2. Nuclear power is safe. Totally safe. After all, nobody died at Three Mile Island, did they?
3. The situation in Japan is due to a worst case scenario that would never happen in the real world.
4. Whatever happens in Japan, it won’t be as bad as Chernobyl. Those Russkie idiots didn’t know what they were doing. Over here we have regulations that were instituted by the Nuclear Regulatory Committee, which is a big gummint group of smarty-pants who think they’re better’n the rest of us. And which we want to eliminate.
5. Even if it does turn out to be as bad as Chernobyl, we can’t abandon nuclear power because shut yer face, that’s why.
6. It’s Obama’s fault because he’s not Calvin Coolidge. Also global warming is a scam.
With regard to the NRC, mistermix at Balloon Juice has this to add from a Union of Concerned Scientists press conference:

MR. LOCHBAUM: Well, I think the common denominator is the United States Congress, and what we’re hearing now on the BP oil spill is that MMS was an ineffective regulator, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is another ineffective regulator, but it’s not really the NRC’s fault. The United States—when the NRC, in the nineties, was trying to enforce its regulations after the debacle up at the Millstone Nuclear Plant in Connecticut, the nuclear industry ran to Congress, and Congress told the NRC to stop enforcing its regulations. You are going to put these guys out of business. So, the NRC, since their budget is controlled by the United States Congress, they listened. They haven’t enforced regulations in about 15 years. So, when the accident occurs in a nuclear power plant, Congress will call the NRC and say, geez, what’s wrong with you? They’ll change their name and they’ll do the same old stuff. The United States Congress should stop telling federal regulatory bodies to stop regulating. They’re not doing the American public much good by those kind of shenanigans.

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One Response to Nuclear power explained, wingnut style

  1. Hahaha simple to the point and I couldn’t agree more.

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