Fear Week

Esquire’s The Politics Blog chronicles a sad, sad week for liberals.

The national Democratic party will not even vigorously stand up for itself against a threat to its own existence, nor take up the cause of the people who will. It cannot find the sand to stand credibly for a viable middle class, nor for the institutions that make that possible. It cannot summon the spine to defend the power it was granted in two consecutive elections. It is frightened by its own best instincts. It seems more than ever to be setting itself up to be a player in whatever form of corporate oligarchy comes after the great conservative project is complete, and to hell with anyone left outside the gated community of American politics. It trembles before liars with video cameras. It jumps at shadows. It had better hope that the people on the lawn in Madison stay there. They’re really all that’s left.

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2 Responses to Fear Week

  1. words escape me says:

    I can’t believe the lack of response on the part of Democrats. What I read is that it’s not right to question the President’s lack of stance on any issue. But as a leader, he guides his party to respond/react to the insanity. Why is no one stopping the foolishness of the republicans and their inanity about radicalization of Muslim-Americans, though he scoffs at his participation in supporting the IRA’s training in the Middle East. We can only look to Wisconsin labor to lead the struggle for sanity vs. inanity.

  2. Grassroots. It’s the only way. I used to think that there was nothing that would wake us up since Viet Nam. We have become so complacent. But I think a great beast is awakening. Wisconsin is the beginning. Power to the people. Whisper it to yourself and shout it from the mountaintops. It’s time.

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