This is Pop?

Over at Mojo, Graham Gouldman shares his songwriting advice, and his tips are equally valid for anyone struggling to put ‘pen’ to ‘paper’ in any genre. Graham Gouldman knows whereof he speaks vis a vis song craft, since he wrote songs for the Yardbirds, the Hollies, Herman’s Hermits, and 10cc, among others.

Rule 3: Don’t think, do

“Try and write quickly, don’t think too much. If you overthink something, it will stop the flow. A lot of songs that I’ve written or co-written, I’m already hearing the next bit. I’m kind of chasing it. It was like it opened a box in my head and let this thought out. So don’t deliberate. You can always go back on something, and find a better word. With lyrics in particular, I find when I’m writing, I’m singing quite a lot of gibberish. But within the gibberish is what the song is about, and certain words, because I didn’t think about them, they just sort of just came out. I take a lot of notice of the gibberish.”

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