How were those missionaries dressed when they were hijacked?

Wasn’t quite sure how to read this snarky post from Anne Laurie over at Balloon Juice regarding the four Americans killed by pirates, but it seemed to come awfully close to blaming the victim.

I realize that America is a center-right Judeo-Christian nation, and that our precious First Amendment freedoms include the freedom to yacht around pirate-infested waters evangelizing for our religion of choice. It just irks me that, if we’re gonna achieve Karl Rove’s wet dream of a 21st-century McKinley Administration, the measure of our national prestige has been reduced from a warship “protecting U.S. interests” to a couple of well-meaning retirees hoping to bring the Wurd of Gawd to the heatherns.

Said snark apparently justified by fact that the murdered Americans “ran a Bible ministry and have been distributing Bibles to schools and churches in remote villages.” As the Balloon Juice commentariat has already said in response to that post, this is the kind of crap I’d expect from right wing websites — in fact, it’s exactly the kind of “analysis” that the right wing brought to bear on the rape of Lara Logan. Can we all just stop with the “asking for it” response to violence? No one is asking for it. No one. These people were courageously doing what they thought was right and they paid with their lives. A little compassion please.

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