This is a Real Thing

The Beefy Crunch Burrito from Taco Bell. It is a beef burrito with Fritos corn chips stuffed inside (you know, for the ‘crunch’). Oh, and it uses ‘reduced fat sour cream,’ for the health conscious. Kudos to America’s processed food/feed industry for finally saving drunks the effort to concoct this unholy hybrid themselves, presumably as their last act before passing out on the patio in their underpants.

Also this:

In fact, the lawsuit claims, the “taco meat filling” used by Taco Bell contains is only about 35% beef, with binders, extenders, preservatives, additives and other agents making up the other 65%.

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1 Response to This is a Real Thing

  1. bucko says:

    “Beefy” was the clue for me. Like “chocolatey,” adding a “-y” is like adding “ish.” It gives companies room to maneuver around those pesky government-mandated, job-killing, socialist ingredient lists.

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