Word of mouth on Nick Cage’s ‘Season of the Witch’

Here is the writeup on Nicholas Cage’s latest from Gawker’s weekend movie roundup:

10) Season of the Witch — $4.5M
Aw nuts. In its second week of release, this Nicolas Cage docudrama about what’s going on inside of Nicolas Cage’s head did not perform very well. It dropped a hearty 60% or so, which could mean the word-of-mouth wasn’t good. That’s not terribly surprising though. I mean, are the people who saw this movie last week really the most social of creatures? Didn’t they just emerge from their darkened homes, from basements or attics, dwelling above or below their parents like lazy ghosts, and shuffle off to the theater, eat a milk pail full of popcorn, and then stumble home? I don’t think it’s likely that they stopped off at some sparkly cocktail party on the way home, where there was witty repartee and the sharing of cultural recommendations. “Oh I just saw the most charming revival of Winter’s Tale at the Guthrie.” “Ah yes, I’ve heard good things. I myself just came from a showing of Season of the Witch, a Nicolas Cage grand guignol that’s delightfully subversive. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must run back to my parents’ house to watch Attack of the Show, eat a tube of Pringles, and masturbate for several hours. I bid you adieu!” Call me crazy, but I just don’t think that’s happening! This is not a word-of-mouth sorta picture, I don’t think.

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