Best of Amazon product reviews: Breguet Tourbillon Mens Watch

This week it’s the Breguet Classique Complications Tourbillon Messidor Mens Rose Gold Watch

Description: 18K rose gold case, Brown alligator leather strap, Deployant buckle, Open dial, Blue hands, Tourbillon regulator, Small seconds on the tourbillon carriage at the 6 o’clock position, Scratch resistant sapphire crystal on front and back, Swiss manual wound mechanical tourbillon movement (Caliber 558 SQ2), Power reserve of 50 hours, Water resistant to 30 meters/ 100 feet.

Cost: $180,000 (though I actually found it for just $111,920).

Best Customer Reviews:

Dylan: Fantastic Bargain

I actually first saw this watch at a neat little store in Luxembourg, as I was refilling my ruby-encrusted helicopter with gasoline made out of unicorn tears. I passed it by, thinking nothing of it, but as I landed on the solid gold helipad of my fourteen-story chateau, it got me thinking: What am I missing in my life? I asked my pedigree manservant to fetch me the name of this trivial timepiece, and with a knowing chuckle I discovered that this Tourbillon watch came from the same countryside workshop as my armoir made of faberge eggs! Hearing this, of course, it had to be mine. Having purchased this watch, I can tell you first hand that it is worth every penny. The ability to tell the time when I look at my wrist is well worth the money. Of course, I had to buy three for my long-wristed manservant; sometimes it is a bit too much trouble to look at one’s own arm. But whether you’re scaling a custom-made solid platinum full-scale replica of Mt. Everest, or diving to the depths of the Adriatic Sea in your sapphire-encrusted submarine, you can be sure that this watch will tell you the time.

Chris Mathews “nunyuz”: Time is money. This thing cost me a precious millisecond of time

This watch is a fraud. It does NOT keep time perfectly to the last dimensional millisecond. I bought it and paid full price, realizing I could get my director of sciences to build me a time machine so that I could go back in time , patent it, and not only pay nothing, but get the profit from owning the rights to it. Imagine! Sell 50 of these and I could own a private army and rule the world! Unfortunately, we used this very watch to synchronize the chrono-space-time portal, and it was off by just a smidge and closed on my right side as I was returning. Literally, this watch cost me an arm and a leg! It also snipped off the side of my body that had the wrist on it, so not only have I lost the ability to WEAR a wristwatch, but the watch AND my ownership deed are stranded in the past, which means this watch never came into existence. I have to type this review with my left hand. This watch will leave you feeling like half a man.

Fred History: Completes my ensemble

After purchasing the The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee, I felt I needed a time piece to complete my ensemble. This watch certainly did the trick. Now when I go to Wal-Mart not only are women who drive ordinary electric scooters throwing themselves at me, women with gold plated scooters are doing the same. This watch has changed my life.

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