Is George Bush’s ‘Decision Points’ a Postmodern Masterpiece?

How did I miss this hilarious and inspired take-down of George Bush’s lazily written, factually deficient screed Decision Points? The review comes courtesy of Eliot Weinberger at the London Review of Books. The author of What Happened Here: Bush Chronicles, Weinberger has done his time cataloguing the toxic mix of tragedy and farce that was the Bush administration, so he knows whereof he speaks.

As a postmodern text, many passages in the book are pastiches of moments from other books, including scenes that Bush himself did not witness. These are taken from the memoirs of members of the Bush administration and journalistic accounts such as Bob Woodward’s Plan of Attack and Bush at War. To complete the cycle of postmodernity, there are bits of dialogue lifted from Woodward, who is notorious for inventing dialogue.

Read the whole thing here. It’s well worth your time.

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