True Book Reports

Last week we found two hand-written book reports inside of a book on mammals at a vacation house we were renting. These are the reports in their entirety.

Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I was a very wise lady.

Brown Pelicans
Pelicans are the most common of Florida’s water birds.
Pelicans come year round to amuse people and have fun.
While the brown pelican is searching for his prey, he finds it. Therefore he must dive. He takes a sharp turn and drops. He tucks his wings.

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6 Responses to True Book Reports

  1. You know it, baby. Some kid flunked that class because she had nothing to hand in. I think you should have a readers’ poll on what gender people think the author is. I still say girl, but I was out-voted.

  2. Kamper says:

    I say it was a boy, without a doubt. “Therefore he must dive.” Totally a boy.

  3. pt dismal says:

    i’m glad to see that british monarchs are covered in a book on mammals. they are, though they deny it, mammals, just like the rest of us.

    now, on TS’s poll–you both saw the handwriting. w/o a sample i can’t vote on the gender of this fine author. do only boys use “therefore”?


    ps–when i have time, i’ll transcribe the poem found on our sidewalk a while back. it’s real good.

  4. When you have time? If not now, when?

  5. Hey, pt, click on my name, above, and you will be taken to an AMAZING place.

  6. Kamper says:

    To clarify, we found the reports IN a book on mammals, as in loose leaf pages stuck in the book.

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