The Worst Movies of 2010

The Onion A/V Club has posted their annual list of the 15 worst movies of the year, and I am proud (and amazed) to say that I have not seen a single one of them! Yay me!

There is much gnashing of teeth in the voluminous comments about the inclusion of Hot Tub Time Machine at number 15, but that was one where you spend half the trailer having your hopes raised by the audacity of the premise and the other half realizing that there is no way they’re going to pull it off. And add me to the list of those wondering how it is that Furry Vengeance is not on the list.

For my part, there is only one movie that I saw this year that mad me angry at the screen: an execrable and loathsome ‘documentary’ called Catfish. Just typing those words angries up the blood.

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