The Best Job for Hands

I am waiting for this woman to be revealed as some sort of post-modern performance artist making a statement about our culture’s self-imposed enfeeblement, because she cannot be real. She doesn’t open doors? And the shot of her entering the elevator is . . . I’m not sure what it is, actually. Arch? Grandiose? Completely insane?

Of course, her schtick has been covered before. And then there’s the man who “could have had any woman in the world, but none could match the beauty of his own hand.”

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5 Responses to The Best Job for Hands

  1. crisi-tunity says:

    This woman is completely awful. Vanity comes in all shapes and sizes, I guess.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Neutral-toned” You mean WHITE? If I could pinpoint which companies use her as a model, I would boycott their products. This challenges me anew in my campaign to love all humans. Do you think she’s fun in the sack? Gloves might be kinky FOR A WHILE! What about vibrators? COULD CRACK A NAIL? Enough of this, I have to go do the dishes….

  3. twinkly sparkles says:

    Oops. That anonymous post was me, honey. BTW, have you gotten me those new gloves I asked for yet? I just had my nails done.

  4. pt dismal says:

    aside from being a deluded, self-involved narcissist, which pretty much rules her out for fun in the sack, she can’t rule out oral sex, can she? i mean, definitely no handjobs, right?

    good luck with that campaign, twinkly.


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