Fear and Loathing on the Island of Misfit Toys

I’m a little late to this particular tea party but I had to pass along this hilarious post-mortem from Politico on the train wreck that was Sharron Angle’s senatorial campaign. From running away from her own press conferences to thinking that reporters should ask only those questions she wants to answer to using a decoy to avoid the press, this campaign is one that will be remembered fondly for many years by aficionados of teh Crazy.

But who is to blame? Well, personally I’d say Sharron Angle herself, but Shira Toeplitz at Politico points the finger at Angle’s campaign manager, Terry Campbell, who ran the campaign with a bunch of Tea Party volunteers.

Several Republican operatives working on the Angle race said that Campbell operated as the ring leader for local tea party activists, especially volunteers in the Las Vegas field office — a group of people who were collectively viewed by the campaign professionals as so incompetent that some on Angle’s staff even referred to them as the “Island of Misfit Toys.”

And then there’s this: a campaign ad that Campbell came up with that never aired because it was deemed too unprofessional for Angle’s campaign. Think about that for a minute: too amateurish for the Angle campaign. Then watch the ad, because it must be seen to be believed.

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One Response to Fear and Loathing on the Island of Misfit Toys

  1. Mat says:

    look at the name of the producer at the end

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