The Hot Yoga Teacher

No idea where Yogi Ogi Dogi came from but his yoga/kids/farmyard blend will horrify your eyes.

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6 Responses to The Hot Yoga Teacher

  1. crisi-tunity says:

    Speaking as a yoga teacher, I have to say that this is…really something. I’m glad there’s someone teaching kid-oriented yoga on TV (?), but I baffle at the barnyard connection, and the dude is unquestionably weird as hell.

    Incidentally, the thing they were doing at the end with their tongues out is actually a legitimate yoga exercise. Lion pose.

  2. pt dismal says:

    ok, speaking as a yoga student…i am creeped out for about a week by this.
    oh, crisi-tunity’s little icon person is doing a yoga pose–camel?
    back bends bum me out….

  3. catherine says:

    Wow. I cannot wait to get home from work and watch this with the sound *on*. Thanks for sharing…

  4. twinkly sparkles says:

    pt, doing yoga? California is really getting to you.

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