Fictional Business Cards from Cyberdyne to Vandalay

Fro Design has put together this collection of 21 fictional business cards. How many shows and/or movies can you name? I got 15, including a few lucky guesses. Another good one would have been Weyland-Yutani. Answers below.

See the collection here.

Dharma Initiative: Lost
InGen: Jurassic Park
Umbrella Corporation: Resident Evil
Wayne Enterprises: Batman
Ironworks, Stark Industries: Iron Man
INITECH: Office Space
Primatech Paper Co.: Heroes
Acme: Roadrunner/Looney Tunes
Cyberdyne: Terminator
Lexcorp: Superman
Paper Street Soap Co.: Fight Club
Duff: Simpsons
Massive Dynamic: Fringe
Soylent Co.: Soylent Green
Bluth Company: Arrested Development
Veidt: Watchmen
Sterling Cooper Advertising: Mad Men
Vandelay Industries: Seinfeld
Sienar Fleet Systems: Star Wars
Dunder Mifflin: The Office
Red Apple Cigarettes: Quentin Tarantino


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