The Fragrance of the Flowers in the Dustbin

If you’ve ever longed to smell like Sid Vicious, here’s your chance.

Update: From a review at a fragrance blog, CaFleureBon: “Mme. Bijaoui chooses to open The Sex Pistols with a strong ambrette which imparts an almost enclosed space feel to the early going. According to the note list lemon and grey pepper are also supposed to be present but on my skin it is the ambrette almost exclusively that comes through. The heart is a mix of deep plum and aldehydes and this has the quality of imparting a dark fruity core with edgy facets courtesy of the aldehydes. Here is where I might have wished for Mme. Bijaoui to create some more of an edge with a strongly spicy note. There is a part of me that really wants a slug of cumin and its sweaty quality present but Mme. Bijaoui has different ideas and The Sex Pistols feels almost pretty at the mid-point of its development. Leather and patchouli add the finishing touches to The Sex Pistols and again I wanted a rawer leather as in another Etat Libre D’Orange fragrance Vierges et Toreros and patchouli didn’t feel right. As in the heart the base comes off more gentle than I would’ve expected.”

To which I reply: I have no idea what you’re saying but I wish I knew this much about anything.

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2 Responses to The Fragrance of the Flowers in the Dustbin

  1. pt dismal says:

    Smells like teen spit.


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