The Singing Mayoral Candidate

Call it the Kenny Syndrome, so called for Kenny ‘K-Strass’ Strasser, the world’s worst yo-yo master, but I just can’t tell what’s real anymore. Have we entered some mad, meta world where everything is done with a knowing wink and tongue firmly implanted in cheek? I honestly don’t know anymore.

This week’s candidate in the Is-This-Real-or-Some-Elaborate-Improv-Everywhere-Type-Goof is Providence Rhode Island Democratic Mayoral Candidate Chris Young, who decided to use his Meet the Candidates slot on a local news program to show off his musical skills.

Update: More information on Chris Young, who is a perennial candidate and gadfly in the local political scene. A few of his recent antics include:

1. In July, he delayed a mayoral debate for more than an hour when he wouldn’t relinquish a statue of the Virgin Mary.
2. On Tuesday, he used his closing statement during another mayoral debate to propose to his girlfriend (and campaign manager), though this too may have been a stunt.

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