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Smooth Mov, Ex-lax

You’d think that the Tea Party people would, you know, triple check their spelling these days just to avoid living up to their worst stereotypes, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. [Props=Wonkette]

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Hummer Mom, meet Ram Dad

So Hummer Mom – so called because she gave kids rides in her Hummer – is busted for sex with underage boys . . in her Hummer. She was known as the “Hummer mom,” because she often gave neighborhood kids … Continue reading

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One Wool to Rule Them All

Seems that Hobbiton has been overrun. But not by Orcs. When Peter Jackson’s production crew left Matamata, New Zealand, they left 17 hobbit holes on the private farm that was used as a stand-in for the Shire. Since then, the … Continue reading

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Where those Tea Partiers REALLY come from

Now it can be told. The shocking true origins of the Tea Party movement.

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