‘Fun with Kim’ Photo Captions

Here is this week’s entry for the ‘Fun with Kim’ photo caption game, where we add captions to creepy state photos of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Last week’s edition is here.

This week’s captions:
1. My Justin Bieber scrapbook is nearly complete.
2. Wait a minute, why didn’t Hu Jintao sign my yearbook?
3. Let’s see, Most Popular: Kim Jong-il; Most Likely to Succeed: Kim Jong-il; Best Athlete: Kim Jong-il . . .

[Props=Photo courtesy of the North Korean Central News Agency, by way of Boston.com]

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6 Responses to ‘Fun with Kim’ Photo Captions

  1. Omaha8 says:

    Of course there are many beautiful women in Korea. But the Russian brides have greater. . . natural resources.

  2. pt dismal says:

    Oh no, Great Leader, you look exactly the same as you did in High School!

    (sorry, I only had yearbook jokes, too)

  3. mrs. p.t. dismal says:

    you can go with more of an up-turned end to show your happy-go-lucky side. or, you can choose a nose with an aquiline profile to maintain your gravitas, sir.

  4. pt dismal says:

    Great Leader, may I respectfully and humbly suggest that the unicorn riding a motorcycle is a little over the top; perhaps you might consider something tribal…?

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