‘Fun with Kim’ Photo Caption Contest (5)

Here is this week’s entry for the ‘Fun with Kim’ photo caption game, where we add captions to creepy state photos of Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Last week’s edition is here.

This week’s captions:
1. They say that when you stare into the void the void also stares into you, but I have to be honest: all I see is the void.
2. What is it, Dear Leader? It’s an ink factory. Get it? Because it’s dark. [Silence] I’m going away now aren’t I?
3. Our glorious new ultimate joystick controller will certainly put PlayStation to shame.

[Props=Photo courtesy of the North Korean Central News Agency, by way of Boston.com]

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4 Responses to ‘Fun with Kim’ Photo Caption Contest (5)

  1. OMAHA8 says:

    That new aquanautics consultant from China is simply brilliant; replacing all the submarine bulkheads with spare picture windows from my presidential palaces. Now where did he get off to? Oh Moshe, Moshe…

  2. pt dismal says:

    Gimme another quarter–I really want that purple unicorn!

  3. Twinkly Sparkles says:

    No sillies. This top-secret vibrator too big even for Kim. HA! You make me laugh, again.

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