SNL Does the Gathering of the Juggalos

Though they’re a little late to the game, this week Saturday Night Live decided to take on the legendary Gathering of Juggalos infomercial. In the SNL version, it’s called the Kickspit Underground Rock Festival. Despite the fact that it’s pushing its expiration date, it’s a pretty funny skit. And that stick meat does look delicious.

For those insatiable-type ninjas seeking even more Juggalo-inspired yucks, you can’t do better than the solid hour that Tom Scharpling and Paul F. Tompkins spent riffing hilariously on the Gathering infomercial during the July 21 edition of the Best Show on WFMU. Click here for the pop-up player. The Juggalo discussion begins at 1:26:55.

Or, check out the following week’s Best Show, when Tom receives a call from a disgruntled Juggalo, and the laughs again flow like Faygo at the Gathering. Click here for the pop-up player. The Juggalo call comes in at 1:04:30.

Pluswhich, this gives me an excuse to post my own remix of the Gathering infomercial, the Gathering of Juggalos Instructional Video.

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