Megan McArdle is Responsible for Some Fine, Fine Writing

Oh, not her own writing, which reads like dispatches from an intelligent but insufferable adolescent raised in a hermetic bubble with only a copy of Atlas Shrugged and a 12 cup KitchenAid food processor for company. I’m referring instead to the inevitable wave of exquisitely crafted take-downs her more outrageous posts generate across these vast intertubes.

The latest example is Thomas Levenson’s effortless demolition of McArdle’s breathtakingly glib defense of people bringing guns to political rallies.

A sample of the skewering:

I’m glad to get a reading on what McArdle thinks is silly; it helps calibrate the rest of her stuff. But while I guess worrying about the fate of the president is risible to some, the real kicker here, of course lies with the remarkable statement that it’s ok to bring a loaded gun to protest a presidential visit because “most” won’t be “near” President Obama himself.

It pains me to say something so utterly obvious and predictable but, if I may break the fourth wall for just a moment: Ms McArdle. Are you awake? Sentient? Even a little? Remember, when it comes to bullets…It Only Takes One.

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